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AAR's Pricing -- Who Else Posts Their Prices?....

AAR has very competitive pricing.  Because of the large number of variables in projects, it is impossible to have a "pricelist" per se.  What we can offer is a listing of some of our recent quotes by project type, which can be used as a "ballpark" price, subject to change.  Understand that there are price fluctuations beyond our control, such as vendor/supplier price increases, gas/air travel increases, increases in the cost of steel/lumber, and shipping cost increases. You can bet, though, that we will give you the best price and/or the best value for your money.

Samples of "Ballpark" pricing for projects:

  • Single train family wood coaster control system with 75HP softstarter, under $80K
  • Biodynamic accelerometer testing, roller coaster, 1 train, $1500 (plus travel)
  • Vekoma SLC Complete Electrical System replacement, including all motor drives, as low as $147K

 Typical daily rates for consulting/travel:

  • Onsite labor: $65 to $85/hour* for an engineer, typically onsite 10-12 hours per day
  • Partial travel/onsite days are a pro-rated portion of above, usually agreed upon in advance
  • Actual travel costs are charged, using moderate rates (inexpensive hotels/economy class flights/economy rental cars, etc.)

      * This is a typical "short-duration" (1 week or less onsite) USA rate.  Longer duration trip rates can be lower, and emergency rates (same day or next day service) and International rates can be higher.  No surprises, though - rates are agreed upon in advance.

- For more background on AAR and it's owners, check out the about us page
- To contact us, please call AAR at 260-918-3213, or email


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