Flat Rides

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AAR's Flat Rides:

Flat rides are often overlooked when it comes to safety systems design and maintenance because they are not considered to be potentially hazardous, but that idea couldn't be more wrong.

Flat rides greatly outnumber major thrill rides and since most are portable, they take the most abuse. That's why it's so important to install and maintain the highest quality control system.

Also, many rides are built overseas with foreign parts and documentation, making it harder for the conscientious owner to properly maintain the ride.

We've designed and built many control systems for fixed and portable rides from roller coasters, to go-rounds, to ferris wheels. Most were all new designs to meet today's demanding standards, some were rehabs, replacing foreign components with locally available parts.

All new designs are supplied with full documentation, including a design approval stamp from a licensed P.E. (professional engineer). Our shop is UL508A certified, so your system will receive a factory UL label.

Samples of AAR's Flat Ride projects:

  • Portable family roller coaster:



  • "Cruiser" kiddie go-round, expands/folds with a push of a button:



  • Mini-Jet rehab:

                    FROM THIS:     TO THIS: 



  • Rehab of junk rides from Rides USA (Jeff Pugh): 


We could put a bunch more examples here, but you get the idea. No job is too big or too small...

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