Dark & Water Rides

     Wild River Gorge, Alabama Adventure, Birmingham, AL     Chute The Chute, Happy Valley, Beijing, China     Wild River Gorge, Alabama Adventure, Birmingham, AL

    Cahaba Falls control panel, Alabama Adventure, Birmingham, AL  Sample of an AAR Dual Pump Controller  Cahaba Falls, Alabama Adventure, Birmingham, AL

AAR's Dark & Water Rides:

Water rides are particularly tough on their mechanical and control systems due to the extremely corrosive environment. If your system is feeling the effects of the chlorine water, let us help. We'll build a new state of the art system that provides maximum throughput for the lowest cost possible.

Whether it's operator's consoles, motor controls, PLCs, pneumatics, or special effects, we're your best source!

We are also allied with Hopkins Rides, so we can provide full support for your existing Hopkins ride.

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