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The AAR Advantage

The AAR Advantage.....
AAR has become known for hard work, unmatched expertise in design and problem-solving, integrity, safety, and competitive pricing.  There is no greater asset on a design team, troubleshooting team, or job site than an AAR engineer.  We get the job done - the first time. Our problem-solving techniques are applied to all aspects of our projects, and we have a perfect safety record.

We design and build all of our control panels in-house.  Most of our competitors outsource to non-American companies....

We are conveniently located in the middle of the USA, in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  We can often cost-effectively drive to a site for consultations/troubleshooting before other companies have even booked their airline tickets. 

Also, unlike many of our competitors, we provide services world-wide, and our designs/documentation are in English rather than Italian or German.

We are also able to help when your control system or electronics design vendor has gone out of business, or if your system is foreign, and you need changes.  Contact us to see if we can meet your needs.

- To receive more information, please call AAR at 260-918-3213, or email

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