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About AAR:

With the success of his amusement-ride controls company, Ridetronics, owner/founder Terry Hoffman established a second company to provide complete amusement rides to customers in 2004, and "American Amusement Rides" (AAR) was born.  AAR is an extension of the success and knowledge established with Ridetronics in 1996.  It is an American company, with the ability to provide all aspects of controls design and installation, based in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

The lead engineers of AAR are owners Terry Hoffman and Kelly Hoffman.  Terry Hoffman holds a Bachelor's degree in Aerospace Engineering, a Master's degree in Astronautical Engineering, a Professional Engineering (PE) license in Electrical Engineering for various states, and was the Deputy Chief of Research at the United States Air Force's Phillips National Laboratory (a facility for designing research spacecraft), before starting his own company. 

After completing a Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering, Kelly Hoffman specialized in computer networking, earning several Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) certifications.  This experience is applied in networking today's ride controls, in addition to providing electrical engineering services and support.  She also recently earned her Master's degree in Business Administration (MBA) at Indiana University.

AAR continues to grow in size and capability, both locally and through partnerships with other respected companies.  In 2004, AAR moved into a larger facility, to provide the extra space and employees needed to build full-featured/full-sized ride control systems simultaneously.                           
Contact Information:

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American Amusement Rides, LLC     1405 S. Williams Drive    Columbia City, IN (USA) 46725      260-918-3213   Phone      260-918-3214   Fax