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Motion Seats & Platforms

AAR's Motion Seats & Platforms:

Although we do design and build many types of ride systems based on industrial controllers, our fundamental expertise is in the area of closed loop feedback control systems. We started the company in support of research programs such as the Air Force's Airborne Laser weapon, sparse array space optics, and advanced vibration isolation for spacecraft payloads. Since then, we've applied some of that technology to earthbound amusement rides such as motion theaters and coin-op motion bases.

If you have an idea for a new system, let us know. We have the ability to turn concepts into reality.

Samples of AAR's Motion Seats & Platforms:

  • Pneumatic 3-axis Individual Seats, The Peak, Hong Kong:



  • 2-axis Electric Coin-Op Platform (Note: the child's truck is just for scale. The platform was built for a seat/monitor assembly):


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