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AAR's  Did You Know?  Tips:

NFPA 70 (National Electrical Code) 2008, Article 525.21 requires that all Rides, Tents, and Concessions that use electrical power have a disconnect switch within sight of, and within 6 feet of the operator's station. It must be readily accessible to the operator, including when the ride is in operation. A shunt trip device shall be a permissible method of opening the circuit. - Note: please refer to the complete NEC Article. This excerpt is not complete.

A shunt trip unit is a hard wired remote control for a fused disconnect switch or a circuit breaker that allows smaller control wires to be run to the operator's console rather than the large ride power cables. AAR can provide this upgrade if your system does not already include it.

                                                                                  Sample of an AAR shunt trip


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