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AAR's Most Innovative Ride - Maximum RPM

The world's only ferris wheel lift roller coaster!

American Amusement Rides designed and installed the control system for a very innovative, ferris wheel lift roller coaster called Maximum RPM in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  This new ride was part of "Hard Rock Park", which was renamed "Freestyle Music Park" after the 2008 season, when the original park declared bankruptcy and was sold.  The ride still existed in its original location as Round About, until Freestyle also declared bankruptcy. 

The dual processor system moves the ferris wheel lift and six cars, using 65 motors. The lift alone employs 16 motors for a total of 320 HP.

This ride is being moved to a new location, to be announced.  If you did miss this unique ride....



AAR Featured Ride - The Fireball, Shanghai
China's first wood roller coaster!

American Amusement Rides designed and installed the control system for the Fireball roller coaster in Shanghai, China.  This was the first wood roller coaster in China.  It opened in June, 2009, as part of the new Happy Valley Shanghai amusement park.  The end customer was OCT Shanghai.  Martin & Vleminckx Rides LLC was the contractor for the coaster, with AAR subcontracting for the control system design and installation. 

The 108 foot high, 3819 foot long, 2-train coaster is operated by a redundant Logix-based control system with Ethernet communications and a 200HP lift drive.


AAR Solutions:  Do you have an old PLC5-based control system?


American Amusement Rides recognizes that there is an immediate industry need for a low-cost, easily-maintained control system to replace aging PLC5-based ride controls currently in the field.  We have answered that need by designing a new, low-cost turnkey system.  It still uses Allen Bradley controllers, but the newer Logix-based system reduces maintenance costs and provides increased functionality. As a bonus, customers may choose the added capability of Ethernet-based monitoring. 


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